On the road again, and guess what… we never pack road snacks! It gives us an excuse to stop on route and try some of the spots offering a bit to eat and…what’s a road trip without coffee?! 




We were making our way to a small fishing spot just outside of Underberg and taking the R617, traversing through Boston, we came upon Rox Coffee Co. It is conveniently situated at the BP garage which for us traveling in a V8 landy that guzzles petrol comes in very, very handy. Fuel for wheels and fuel for self! 


What’s on the menu 


Well, definitely coffee and some of the best coffee one may argue.  

The man and man child were both groaning that sustenance best be imminent otherwise groans would be growing louder. Man stayed outside speaking to a gentleman who was also a landy enthusiast and had his beast parked outside. I was tasked with foraging and asked for the menu from the friendly barista. There is no set menu for meals I was told but he did advise on what they could whip up and in no time we had a toasted cheese sandwich for mini man and a chicken and mayo toastie for man and self. Their toasted chicken sandwiches are delicious! I cannot comment on the toasted cheese as I was refused a taste but from the silence…can only assume that it was good.  


We ordered two Americanos and one hot chocolate and heck, the coffee is GOOOOD! Better than good. The coffee/drinks menu can be found on a board just behind the counter and there is everything that a coffee enthusiast may want.  


We will definitely be stopping here again for our coffee fix! 


 RATING: 9 out of 10 

But only because there is no food menu . What we had could not be faulted. Good!