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Travel Blogger ~ So Who Are We?

We’re a travel blogger family of three, traveling Africa and sharing our stories with the world.

Travel Blogger Inspiration

We provide blogger inspiration, practical information and resources on some of the destinations we have the privilege of visiting, giving our readers honest, quality content that they can rely on for their family escapes. Our blogging has been featured in several online blogs, on tourism sites, digital magazines as well as in print magazines. A large amount of our time is spent on writing and this is also what we are most requested to assist with, this and the photography that ties in with our writing. All articles written for establishments or activities that we experience include photography.

Travel Blogger in Africa

We are one of the most popular African travel blogs on the internet according to Feedspot hitting number 16 top rated in 2020 and top 15 in 2021. We’re climbing that blogging list! Don’t know if we’ll ever be able to dethrone Getaway magazine but, we’re certainly going to give it our best. #LIFEGOALS #BLOGGER!

Blogger … Have you got an idea you think is going to rock the socks off humans that you would like to discuss? We’ve partnered and worked with some incredible companies over the years and we also freelance for some big names in the industry as professional writers so, let’s have a brainstorming session and see how we can compliment and add to your vision and idea.

Travel Blogging can Max Your Online Presence!

We want to help promote and maximise your exposure and from a family who have travelled extensively (17 countries in Africa thus far), and some awesome spots like Brazil, Chile, Malaysia, Amsterdam to name a few (we do venture out of Africa now and then), we think we’ve got a pretty good idea of the “traveling world” and what readers want. Let’s get your name to the top of their bucket list!

We’re available for the following opportunities


Brand Amabassadors

Brand Ambassadors

If you’re feeling our vibe and think we’d be a good match for your brand, get in touch. We’re all about establishing long-term relationships when it comes to brand ambassadorships and, with three very different… but awesome personalities, you get a crew who are able to cover a larger target audience.

Product Reviews

Product Reviews

If your gear/products match our vibe, we’d be stoked to collaborate and feature your products by way of review on our social pages.
Our only rule …….
is that it needs to match our message and brand or, compliment it in some way.

Freelance Pieces

Freelance Pieces

Wanting an article for your site that is going to be engaging, get readers talking and up-the-ante when it comes to targeted writing…then we’re your team!
Let’s build your online presence  – by writing engaging content for your website  – that is backed by SEO know-how.

Banner Advertising

Banner Advertising

Increase that online visibility

Generate click-throughs to your own site.

We’ll be cool  ….

and even design the banner,

making sure your ad looks ..



(The Zulu word for HOT)!

Content Creation

Content Creation

We produce and create authentic content (copy, video and photography) and have been doing so for a number of years for some big industry leaders. We’ll make sure we understand your brand voice before getting stuck in and, ensure that your brand voice is carried over across the board and onto all platforms.
Think blogs and the wordy-words you find on the about section for example on your website. We’re also huge fans of social media channels and come up with some genius content for some of our clients. We’re blowing our own horn but, this entire page is dedicated to making you dig us, so…

Sponsored Stay

Sponsored Stay

Hollah! You want us to visit your destination? Us too!
We love nothing more than exploring new places & getting immersed in the activities & surrounds.

Invite us over and we’ll share your destination with our readers through reviews, storytelling, imagery, blogs, social media and more.

By sharing this content in a truthful, honest and interactive way with our readers, we engage with prospective guests and visitors of establishments or destinations on a more human level, growing your online presence as well as your brand awareness.



Winner-winner competition spinner!

We give competitions BIG, HUGE, MAXIMUM attention.

We’ll work together to map out a strategy depending on what you want to achieve by running the competition and we’ll action that strategy to build you more followers to your website, social media likes, email subscribers etc. You let us know what you want to achieve and we’ll work our magic! P.S. We work with quite a few tour companies, tourism boards, hotels, brands etc…perhaps a collaborative competition? Feed off each other’s followers and grow your own following base? Let’s set that up!

Travel Blogging  | Benefits of working with us

Our content will be on our site and pages FOREVER! Yes, targeted evergreen travel blogging content that will mean your establishment will be featured on our pages till the cows come home…longer than that actually.

We have a highly engaged audience of both local and international travellers.

Our readers share our content onto their pages.

Besides our online channels we have an established monthly newsletter with an engaged international audience who look to us for recommendations for African Travel destinations and activities. Get a shout-out on our monthly newsletter!


=Travel Blogging =

Increased destination awareness.

Increased online presence.


More visitors to your establishment or destination.
We get and UNDERSTAND that dreaded SEO. We have SEO Fundis using some of the best SEO techniques to ensure that our reviews and musings pop up tops on Google.
Generate click-throughs to your site.
Our content also helps increase your website’s ranking.
Working with African Travel Bird is an EFFECTIVE way to promote your destination, hotel, activity, tour etc. We market to people who love to travel and explore. The adventurers in life!


Want to get in touch?

Besides the high volume of mails and inquiries we receive daily, we’re often on the road, here and there and everywhere which means we can’t always get back to you asap. It may also mean we’re booked back-to-back and not able to visit you…just yet. But, send us that mail and we promise, we will get back to you as soon as we can and even if we can’t visit you now, perhaps we can incorporate it into our future travel plans.

Wanting a copy of our Media Kit? Just pop that into the subject line when sending us a mail and we’ll get that through to you as soon as we touch home base or wherever we’re working from…

Head on over to our contact page or mail us on [email protected]


Wanting to write for us?

We’re totally keen to feature your writing and share it with our community… on the socials as well as on our website but, its got to be fresh, relevant to our audience and, most importantly, the content has to be of high quality. We love evergreen content and, if you’re happy to NOT publish elsewhere, get in touch with us! Let’s get that guest blog out there for you!