Giba Gorge Mountain Bike Park – Pinetown 

With high energy levels, the bean needs somewhere to stretch those legs and burn some of that excess energy off and Giba Gorge Mountain Bike park offers just this.  


A very hot Saturday afternoon but the shady trees offered reprieve as we watched bean do one lap, then another, and another and another….and so it went on for nearly an hour. Heck, do children ever tire?! Man went to purchase some water from the well-stocked canteen area for us mere mortals as we were feeling the Durban heat. Little man would stop now and then for a sip but only for a fraction of a second as there was more important business to attend to such as navigating the humps and bumps while careening at speeds that had his mum wide eyed.  


It really is a fun activity for children and if you are specifically looking for activities in Durban or near Durban, this is one that should be top of your list. We were just lazy but if we wanted to… like if we really, really wanted to, we could have gone for a trail run or tackle the mountain bike trails but, that is a story for another day and for when we’re feeling not so lazy.  




A hop and a skip from Durban, alongside the N3 Highway just outside of Pinetown sits Giba Gorge Mountain Bike Park.  




A BMX Track 


Skills Park and coaching 

Team Building and Bootcamp 

YBike kiddies track 

Mountain Bike Trails 

Trail Running 


Light meals at the Restaurant on the property 

Kids Parties 

Conference facilities 



Don’t have a bike? Not a problem at all as you can rent bikes when there! 




RATING: 10 out of 10 

The bean has said this is definitely where he will be having his next birthday party 


Contact Details: 


Tel: +27 (0) 31 769 1419 

Open Monday to Sunday – 7am to 5pm